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All the technology you need to launch and scale taxi and ride-hailing services, as well as app-based sharing, rental and delivery businesses.

Year in review: 9 things M-TRIBES achieved in 2019
M-TRIBES New Mobility Technology for Scooter Sharing and Last Mile Deliveries
M-TRIBES Mobile Apps for Ride and Taxi Hailing and Car Sharing

Technology for the era of smart transportation.

Modular components for new mobility and logistics

The complete set of components.

Apps for customers and drivers, dashboards for operators and partners and high speed web booking. Telematics for any vehicle, seamless payments, automatic accounting, rich user analytics and more.

Developer first technology platform

Made for developers.

From APIs to SDKs and WebHooks. Our ready-to-launch technology components are designed to empower developers to build their own transportation services.

Customisable solutions - white labeling and custom features

Go beyond standard solutions.

From custom design to new customer acquisition. Work with our strategy, engineering and marketing team to write your own success story.

M-TRIBES Scooter Sharing SolutionM-TRIBES Last Mile Delivery SolutionM-TRIBES Taxi and Ride-Hailing SolutionM-TRIBES Car Sharing Solution

M‑TRIBES builds technology that enables startups, corporates and SMEs to launch and scale new mobility and logistics businesses all over the world.

Simplicity succeeds.

Do you want to provide on-demand mobility via yellow and black cabs, offer limousine, shuttle or helicopter service or operate highly efficient delivery services? M‑TOOLS provides all the features needed to make transportation for customers as convenient as pressing a button.

Mobile apps
Rider and driver apps for iOS & Android
Seamless payments
Seamless payments and invoicing
Smart dashboards
Dashboards for operators & partners
User analytics
User analytics & engagement
Helicopter Sharing with M-TRIBES technology
M-TRIBES Ride and Taxi Hailing Software Solution

Ride Hailing & Sharing

Dashboards and mobile apps for hailing and pooling of taxis, limousines and shuttles.

M-TRIBES Last Mile Delivery Software Solution

Last Mile Delivery

Innovative delivery software with driver apps and automation-assisted dispatching.

M-TRIBES Courier Service Software Solution

Courier Services

Fully digitised processes that maximise efficiency for your courier business.

Ride-Hailing Software

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Launch faster.
Grow smarter.

M‑TOOLS is the developer-first technology platform for new mobility and logistics services.

Powered by a modular architecture and wide reaching integrations with hardware and software partners, M-TOOLS offers a highly configurable setup to launch and scale businesses in record time.

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M-TOOLS Key VisualM-TOOLS Mobile VisualM-TOOLS Cloud Visual

The phone is the key.

Cars, vans, scooters, e-bikes – what's your idea? Encompassing all components needed to run and scale sharing and rental services with any fleet of vehicles, M‑TOOLS allows you to unlock the next level of smart mobility.

Telematics for cars, scooters and bikes
Built-in accounting and payments
Cloud-based dashboards
Pre-configured growth stack
Location pinLocation pinLocation pinLocation pin
M-TRIBES Software Solution for Keyless Car Rentals

Keyless Car Rentals

App-based rental and leasing setups for car dealerships and rental agencies.

M-TRIBES Software Solution for Free Floating Sharing

Free Floating Sharing

Full technology setups from scooter and car sharing to bikes, vans and more.

M-TRIBES Software Solution for Station Based Sharing

Station Based Sharing

Innovative mobility solutions for companies, customers and communities.

Your success.
Our business.

Validation of innovative business models, software and app development for new services in mobility and logistics.

Custom feature development
Custom software and app development
Strategy & product consulting
Marketing support
Growth marketing support
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M-TRIBES offers a variety of professional services

What’s your story?

MovingaNow App Icon
Smart urban deliveries

Movinga is an innovative urban logistics solution pioneered in Berlin, aiming to make item transport as convenient as booking a taxi.

M-TOOLS helped Movinga launch their well-rated customer app at high speed, while also entering the B2B market by equipping business customers, as well as service partners with customised web dashboards.

MINI Sharing App Icon
Private car sharing

Together with BMW Group, M-TRIBES designed and implemented a private carsharing service. The MINI Sharing app, marketed as a standard accessory, allows MINI owners to keylessly share their car with up to 10 friends, family members and colleagues.

After incubating the service with a creative community of early adopters in Madrid, MINI Sharing is expanding to new markets with even more features.

Freel App Icon
B2B scooter sharing

Freel switched to the M-TOOLS technology platform to run its B2B micro-mobility services. Providing kickscooter sharing solutions tailored to the needs of companies and organisations, requires Freel to host not only state-of-the art mobile applications, but also to create customisable fleet management dashboards for various stakeholders.

Freel is currently operating in various cities across Western Europe.

Skyryse App Icon
Helicopter hailing

Utilising our ride-hailing technology, Skyryse launched a seamless “Door-to-Sky-to-Door“ transportation service that allows Silicon Valley residents to reduce commute time by 70%.

Customers are picked up via a limousine service from their selected location and transferred to the next helipad, where a Skyryse helicopter (for now they come with pilots) takes them to a helipad close to the final destination. Here, a second limousine awaits to complete the journey.

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