Hack your fleet.

M-TOOLS is the fastest way to kickstart your carsharing service.


Station-Based Carsharing Free Floating Carsharing Peer-to-Peer Carsharing Flexible Renting Vehicle-Flatrate Test-Driving-App On-Demand-Servicing What’s your idea?

The modular ecosystem for your carsharing venture.

Comprised of a wide range of components and services from mobile and web apps, APIs and SDKs to powerful integrations, M-TOOLS adapts to your individual requirements. Get started immediately with our own hardware or plug in your existing technology. M-TOOLS gives you the power and flexibility to build, launch and grow your venture in lightning speed.



Build it.

We believe that the best way to prove your idea is to build it. With M-TOOLS you can deliver standout customer experiences for everyday carsharing scenarios faster and cheaper.

Vehicle finder
& reservations.

Our tracking tools provide a great overview of your fleet at any time and help customers navigate to vehicles. Quickly set up an easy booking management system that offers more flexibility to you and your users.

Keyless access &
car monitoring.

M-TOOLS features a fine-tuned hardware solution to ensure smart data sharing and ultra low-latency access via smartphone. If your fleet is already equipped with a car sharing hardware, M-TOOLS is designed to ensure seamless integration.

Payments &

M-TOOLS works with all standard payment systems to ensure maximum consumer acceptance. It also gives you the option to offer custom pricing models (€/km, €/min, etc.) and packages to your users.

„The building kit for transportation ventures.
Why develop services behind closed doors if you
can test them out directly in the market?“

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Run it.

Enjoy every working day with our cloud-based dashboard – the ultimate cockpit to drive your business.

MTOOLS Carsharing Dashboard for Operations

Fleet management

Get real time insights about your fleet and manage maintenances and refuelling.


Understand user behaviour and measure KPIs to make data-informed decisions.

Customer service

Connect with your users to offer support and guidance in an efficient way.

Try it.

Request a personal demonstration of M-TOOLS and
find out how to kickstart your carsharing service.


Scale it.

From creating powerful landing pages to CRM to detailed app analytics, M-TOOLS offers the full stack you need to win the hearts of consumers and engage your users.

Ready to grow.
Our apps and services are shipped fully integrated into the growth toolkit. Maximise your relevance thanks to well-designed user action and app event tracking.

Proven toolkit.
All tools have been rigorously tested in the market with real customers. We ensure complete GDPR compliance across the whole stack.

Here to help.
If you need more hands on deck, work with our team of inhouse-experts and benefit from years of experience of scaling tech-enabled products in transportation.


Ready for take-off?

Flexible toolbox
Don’t get locked inside standard software.

Production ready
Minimum upfront costs.
Ready when you are.

Hardware agnostic
Our services work
with any vehicle.

Experienced team
Cross-functional setup of transportation experts.

Made in Germany
Preferred partner for innovation in mobility.

Venture building
We help you create sustainable revenue streams.

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Current project:

BMW Group works with M-TRIBES to bring
peer-to-peer carsharing to the MINI brand.

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M-TRIBES is a venture builder based in Hamburg, Germany. We collaborate with corporates, build new technology and incubate startups in the area of mobility and logistics.

Venture Building As A Service.

Introducing M-TOOLS.

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