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Company Description

Technology for a world in motion.

Headquartered in the heart of Hamburg, M‑TRIBES is a go-to-technology partner for startups, corporates and SMEs in industries such as last-mile delivery, shared mobility and ride-hailing.

Work with our experienced product and engineering team to build up M‑TOOLS, the world's most versatile transportation technology platform which allows to launch and scale a growing variety of high-growth business models including 10 minute grocery delivery and free-floating scooter sharing.

What is M‑TOOLS?

Our technology platform M‑TOOLS provides businesses with end-to-end control over essential processes such as automated invoicing and accounting, pricing and payments and many more.

M‑TOOLS allows to configure highly-customised B2C and B2B booking systems for mobile and web. Android and iOS apps for drivers as well as cloud based dashboards for operators allow for the smart dispatching and fulfilment of bookings and the efficient management of customers, partners and vehicle fleets.

Providing unprecedented speed and flexibility, M-TOOLS is praised by digital-savvy operators and marketplaces that are seeking to expand their service or validate innovative business models with the help of convenient integrations, our API and webhooks.

SDKs of our developer-first technology platform are helping global software engineering teams to accelerate product development of next-level transportation solutions such as Silicon Valley air-taxi hailing or peer-to-peer sharing of the latest MINI vehicles. Our ambition with M-TOOLS however is to accelerate the democratisation of state-of-the-art transportation technology via an all-in-one SAAS platform.

Consequently M-TRIBES is offering a growing range of pre-configured white-label industry templates for established and emerging use cases in delivery, sharing and ride-hailing that empower businesses to instantly upgrade their customer experience and elevate operational efficiency without breaking their budgets.

Job Description

Join the tribe.

We are looking for a passionate Senior Backend Engineer (f/m/d) to join our cross-functional team in Hamburg or remote and build up M‑TOOLS to become the leading developer-first cloud platform for transportation businesses.

Our engineering principles

  • Our development process is strongly guided by agile software engineering principles established by the Agile Manifesto and the experience and learnings of our team members working in this style for many years.
  • Agile practices require a strong foundation to work from - we believe that clean code with robust tests and a sane architecture is necessary to allow to quickly respond to changing requirements and the evolution of our products.
  • Teams and individuals equally thrive from a highly collaborative, respectful and enjoyable work environment, leading to the best outcome for everyone.

How do we achieve this?

  • Close collaboration between product, backend and client engineering teams to evaluate requirements and find a pragmatic solution for the task at hand.
  • Shared ownership - we discuss and decide on equal terms what needs to be done throughout the development cycle. All our code goes through code reviews to establish a shared understanding about the decisions made and the products we create.
  • Automated tests are the foundation to enable us to utilise agile practices - we have a 100% test coverage requirement on our backend systems, and have seen ourselves how this enables us to ship great quality fast and with confidence. We sympathise with a tests-first approach, but are not dogmatic about this - not all tasks are equal after all.
  • Refactoring is not stashed away for some "refactoring week" that never comes, it is a central part of our development process. Good may be good enough to get something done for now, but before making it "gooder" we think again how it should work better once the requirements have evolved.
  • We have learned a lot about object oriented systems design from great teachers like Sandi Metz and libraries like the dry-rb ecosystem and strive to build great software utilizing what we have learned while staying true to what makes the Rails and Ruby ecosystem so pragmatic and productive.
  • We play to our strengths - when in doubt we choose a technology that has been proven in the real world and used by us for many years over the latest hype, however we are completely open to new & shiny if it brings tangible benefits to the table. Our stack currently centers on Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL and Redis, with some supporting services in TypeScript and infrastructure automation with Terraform.
  • Remote-friendly environment where everybody can work from where they prefer, supported by transparent communication processes like detailed pull request descriptions, clear context on tickets and a preference for discussions on Slack that makes it easy for all team members to follow typical "watercooler" discussions that otherwise might get lost to remote team members or catch up on missed topics. Although being a small team we have team members in several countries with a core team based in Hamburg, Germany.
  • A stable work-life balance. We are an ambitious team striving to make a difference, but we firmly believe that a healthy balance brings out the best in every one of us both professionally and personally. It takes the time it takes.


Who you are

  • A senior software engineer with several years of relevant work experience. We prefer someone familiar with Ruby and Ruby on Rails, however, languages and tools can be learned, we care more about what you bring to our team as a person and an engineer.
  • Our principles and approach outlined above resonate with you and you are willing to work together on improving it further.
  • Ideally you are based in Hamburg, Germany, but we are also open for remote applications.
  • You are a team player who enjoys building together and watching how the result becomes more than the sum of its parts.
  • You have great communication skills in English, both written and spoken.
  • You enjoy taking tasks across our entire feature set - we are a small yet ambitious team so there's a variety of features to work on - which brings many things to keep in mind but also ample space to impact our product through your work with.
  • You are not afraid to say "I don't know" and pro-actively seek the opinion of the team when facing a problem.
  • You are comfortable to use the collective knowledge of Google and Stack Overflow once you have exceeded yours.

Additional Information

Why you want to work with us

We move fast and build things that matter.

  • If you want to use your time to make a difference and build something that matters, then you will love to work with us.
  • We encourage taking end-2-end ownership and offer a significant amount of shares in M-TRIBES on top of your salary.
  • We offer a culture of radical empowerment that includes the freedom to work from anywhere as well as Visa sponsorship and relocation support - if you wish.
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