Launch smart delivery services.

Software for last mile deliveries, delivery fleet management and smart dispatching with built-in automation.

Power highly efficient delivery operations tailored to your delivery service, by utilising technologies such as smart-routing, automation-assisted dispatching and apps for drivers.

M‑TOOLS is the fully flexible technology platform for innovative last-mile delivery services, from food, grocery and retail delivery to e-commerce solutions with own delivery fleets.

Built with M-TOOLS. MovingaNow offers on-demand transportation of large items. Recently launched in Berlin, the service has been recognised as the smart shuttle of logistics.

Built with M‑TOOLS: MovingaNow

Designed for all
delivery businesses.

No matter which goods you are transporting, our technology platform provides the backbone for efficient processes from order to delivery. Ordering, dispatching and accounting processes can be customised to fit your requirements.

With API support for your software setup and integrations of custom-engineered features, M‑TOOLS can be fully adapted to work with existing system.

Cloud-based operations dashboards
iOS & Android driver apps
Analytics & Growth Stack
Booking Portals


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Save time. Every time.

Don’t let administrative tasks hold you back. Our cloud-based dashboard integrates innovative features, such as smart routing and automatic order-assignment, to speed up the dispatching process, so you have more time to focus on what really matters to your business.


Automatically match incoming orders with your available delivery workforce based on their location and capabilities. Reassign individual tasks on a live-map at any time.


Efficient algorithms modeling multiple-stop-routes help you save time, fuel and cut down CO2, by always creating the smartest route for every last mile.


Exceed customer expectations by automatically providing relevant updates on the delivery status and pushing precise ETA-calculations.

Superpower your fleet.

Connect your delivery fleet with your operations team through powerful mobile apps for iOS and Android.

M‑TOOLS' smart navigation, routing, delivery and communication features help drive speed and motivation, while streamlining operations processes and helping to reduce errors.

Task & Inventory List
One-tap customer communication

How long will it take to get my service up and running?

Is it also possible to launch fully-branded mobile booking apps for customers? Do we need any additional hardware for our delivery fleet? Our experts are here to answer your questions.

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Marian-Maximilian Martens

Engineered for growth.

With seamless connections to the world’s leading digital marketing systems M-TOOLS offers an end-to-end set-up ready to acquire, activate and engage customers and scale your last mile delivery business.

Lead management
User analytics
Mobile notifications
Voucher campaigns
Referral systems
Your benefits

Ready for your next big thing.

Don’t get locked inside standard software. Our modular architecture allows your service to evolve over time and adapt to new market conditions.

From the development of custom features to marketing support our experienced team of entrepreneurs, engineers and designers is here to boost your business.

Reduce your time to market by leveraging our experience and tried and tested technology platform. Your service will be up and running in 6 weeks.

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Partner with us to create the future of transportation – you're in good company.
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Our software for last mile deliveries is powered by our comprehensive delivery technology. Learn more below or contact us for a personal demo.

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Partner with us to create the future of transportation – you're in good company.
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