Software solutions built with M-TOOLS – the technology platform for new mobility and logistics businesses ranging from hailing to sharing.

Hailing. Sharing. Everything.

Explore our off-the-shelf solutions to see how M‑TOOLS can help you transform your business and exceed modern customer expectations.

Instant delivery software solutions built with M-TOOLS.

Last mile delivery

No matter what you are moving from A to B, M‑TOOLS provides the backbone for an efficient process from order management and dispatching to fleet management.

Movinga case study mobile phone
Live tracking
Smart routing & dispatching
ETA calculation

Enable customers to request deliveries in seconds with powerful mobile and web apps. Sophisticated matching algorithms automatically pair new requests with the best available couriers. Our suite of integrated marketing tools help you drive customer retention with ease.

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Built with M-TOOLS. MovingaNow offers on-demand transportation of large items. The service launched in March 2019 has been recognized as the smart shuttle of logistics. Learn more.
Courier services software solutions built with M-TOOLS.

Courier services

Digitise your business processes to reduce your manual overhead and increase efficiency. M‑TOOLS instantly matches incoming orders with your available delivery workforce.

Customized order portals
Automatic dispatching
All-in-one courier apps

Our Android and iOS apps ensure that you’re always connected with your couriers, who can manage deliveries directly from their phones. Automated billing & accounting services and status notifications for customers help simplify your operations. The dashboard including customer support integrations and real-time analytics allow you to focus on growing your business.

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Taxi hailing software solutions built with M-TOOLS.

Taxi hailing

Anytime. Anywhere. Let your customers catch a ride at the tap of a button. All essential features, such as live-tracking, ETA calculations and instant payments are available out of the box.

Live tracking
ETA calculation
Payments with tipping

Get closer to your customers by running your own iPhone and Android apps. Drive your CRM with powerful voucher campaigns. New booking requests are instantly connected with your available workforce who can manage their bookings all through the driver app. Payments, billing and invoices are handled automatically.

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Ride-pooling software solutions built with M-TOOLS.


Create efficient solutions for urban transportation with our ride pooling technology. M‑TOOLS provides state of the art algorithms to match users and calculate smart routes.

Virtual Stops
ETA calculation
Automatic Payments

Enable customers to book instant or scheduled rides from designated virtual stops. Powerful operations dashboards with built-in analytics and customer support systems ensure full control of your fleet's activity.

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Corporate sharing software solutions built with M-TOOLS.

Corporate sharing

No matter if you have scooters, cars, vans or all of these, build your sharing service with M‑TOOLS to enable keyless pick-up and drop-off of any type of vehicle from designated stations.

Driver permissions
Keyless access
Telematics integration

Our mobile apps create flexibility for your employees or customers and help you to drive utilisation of your fleet. The dashboard provides an instant overview of all your assets and allows to monitor the status of each vehicle as well as managing access permissions of your users.

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Counterless rentals software solutions built with M-TOOLS.

Keyless car rentals

Faster. Better. Cheaper. Adding a keyless car rental solution to your business helps you maximise the utilisation of your fleet and provides 24/7 access to cars without extra staff.

High-speed booking
ID & license Verification
Keyless access

Booking, verification, payment.
M-TOOLS allows you to create a seamless station-based rental experience for your customers. The integration of leading telematics systems guarantees instant opening and closing of the vehicle's doors via Bluetooth as well as keyless start of the engine.

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Free-floating sharing software solutions built with M-TOOLS.


Powerful mobile apps allow users to book, access and park vehicles in predefined business areas. M‑TOOLS seamlessly integrates leading telematics systems.

Scooter sharing
Car sharing
Kickscooter sharing

With comprehensive dashboards and tools for operations, administrative and customer support teams and smart integrations with trusted marketing software, M-TOOLS offers the full technology spectrum to launch any kind of free-floating sharing venture.

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Flexible leasing software solutions built with M-TOOLS.

Flexible leasing

Create the future of vehicle ownership with M‑TOOLS. Our end-to-end digital user experience takes away all the hassle from both you and your customers.

Flexible leasing mobile app built with M-TOOLS
Order customization
Keyless access

Sign up and ID verification, booking and payment, even the access of vehicles is completed from the phone of your users. Win over your audience through marketing compelling subscription offers, open-end-booking and providing convenient on-time-delivery of vehicles right to your customer’s doorstep.

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