Provide innovative mobility solutions.

Station-based vehicle sharing technology for companies, customers and communities.

M-TOOLS station based sharing mobile app.

Offering all the software needed to monitor and manage the utilisation of fleets, M-TOOLS allows you to launch individual mobility solutions within weeks.

M‑TOOLS is the fully-flexible technology platform for services such as corporate car sharing programs, scooter and bike sharing on campuses as well as station-based sharing of mixed fleets for real estate development.
Station based sharing with integrated telematics systems to connect any kind of fleet, from cars to scooters and bicycles.

Share any fleet.

No matter if want to launch a corporate vehicle sharing programme or a self-service rental business, M-TOOLS offers all the connections you need.

Our integrations with the world’s leading telematic systems allow adding almost any kind of vehicle to your connected fleet via Bluetooth and LTE connection.

50+ car brands supported
Bicycles & E-Bikes
Scooters & Kickscooters
Sharing of mixed fleets
White label mobile apps for station based sharing and rental services

More than a key.

Our white-label apps for iOS and Android allow you to incorporate every aspect of your brand's look and feel.

Enabling customers and employees to book, locate and unlock vehicles using only their smartphone, our keyless access technology makes it easy to offer a end-to-end digital experience.

User onboarding
Vehicle verification
Station / campus selection
Smart vehicle browsing
Keyless access
Engine release


Your benefits

Your control center.

The web based dashboard offers a complete station based sharing and rental software solution.

Manage all your vehicles from our cloud-based dashboards. Keep track of current and upcoming bookings, manage customer settings and analyse their activities in real time. M-TOOLS also enables you to offer customisable dashboards to your partners and suppliers.

Corporate sharing fleets
Fleet management
User management
Vehicle monitoring
Booking analytics
Emergency access
Automated accounting processes, such as automated sending of invoices.

Automated accounting.

Invoices are generated based on your individual requirements. Simplify your operations by automatically sending out monthly bills to partners and suppliers or issue instant customer receipts when a booking is ended.

Credit cards
Customisable billing
Business accounts
Grouped invoices
Integrated marketing tools for your station based sharing setup.

Engineered for growth.

With seamless connections to the world’s leading digital marketing systems M-TOOLS offers an end-to-end set-up ready to acquire, activate and engage customers and scale your business.

Do you need more hands on deck? Collaborate with our team experienced in incubating brand new services with early adopters as well as rolling out new mobility ventures in a large number of cities around the globe.

Lead management
User analytics
Mobile notifications
Voucher campaigns
Referral systems
Your benefits

Everything you need to launch
innovative mobility solutions.

Complete station based sharing software solution

Don’t get locked inside standard software. Our modular architecture allows your service to evolve over time and adapt to new market conditions.

Work hands-on with the M-TRIBES team

From the development of custom features to marketing support our experienced team of entrepreneurs, engineers and designers is here to boost your business.

Technology components for station based sharing, from telematics to apps.

Reduce your time to market by leveraging our experience and tried and tested technology platform. Your service will be up and running in 6 weeks.

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M-TOOLS offers all the technology and components to kickstart your station-based sharing service.
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Partner with us to create the future of transportation – you're in good company.
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Station based sharing software for corporate car sharing, university scooter sharing or community bike sharing services.
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Partner with us to create the future of transportation – you're in good company.
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