Drive the revolution.

Powerful ride-hailing software for black cab, limousine and shuttle operators. Utilise our fully fledged ride hailing technology to exceed customer expectations.

White label mobile apps built for any kind of ride hailing business and for taxi and shuttle operators.

Get ready for new customers at your fingertip. Launch ready-to-scale ride-hailing services with powerful apps & dashboards for passengers, drivers and operations teams.

M‑TOOLS is the fully flexible technology platform for innovative ride-hailing services.
M-TOOLS branded customer apps for all ride hailing, taxi and shuttle solutions.

Master the customer journey.

Comfy seats, perfect temperature, a bottle of water. It takes a lot of attention to details to host 5 star ride-hailing experiences.

No matter if you serve your clients with yellow or black cabs, exclusive limousine services, smart shuttles with pooling or on-demand air taxis, our ride hailing software and apps create seamless mobility experiences for your passengers.

Our fully-flexible and ultra-fast booking systems for mobile, desktop and wearables are designed to let you outpace your competition every day.

Pooling engine
Instant and scheduled trips
Booking configuration
Live-tracking & ETAs
Modern ride sharing software

As much control as you want.

Powered by sophisticated algorithms our cloud-based dashboards accelerate dispatching by automatically calculating the smartest routes for every driver.

On fully customisable interfaces your operators gain an easy overview of all current and upcoming bookings on a live-map and can easily reassign rides if needed.

Do you want to customize your operation areas, create virtual stops, adjust pricing or business hours? The business settings of your web-app lets you manage all aspects of your service at any given time.

Cloud ride hailing software
Real-time analytics
Driver management
Customer profiles

How long will it take to get my service up and running?

How do I acquire customers for ride sharing or limousine business? What kind of business models do you recommend for ride hailing marketplaces? Our experts are here to answer your questions.

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A powerful connection.

Our white-label mobile apps available for iOS & Android make sure your drivers are always connected to your operations team and can browse their past and upcoming trips.

To boost efficiency and motivation we make sure your drivers have everything they need at their fingertip. The all-in-one mobile workspace includes features such as precise location tracking, AI-powered route optimisation and seamless communication of the live-status.

Advanced scheduling of rides for ride hailing businesses
Ride hailing software – mobile features:
Advanced booking schedules
Automatic matching of new orders for ride hailing businesses
Ride hailing software – mobile features:
Instant matching of bookings
Complete mobile communications center for drivers for rides for ride hailing businesses
Ride hailing software – mobile features:
History of all bookings


Your benefits

Accounting built-in.

M-TOOLS is designed for maximum efficiency with automated billing and accounting processes. Trusted payment systems such as PayPal and Credit Cards facilitate charging customers for their trips.

Invoices are generated based on your individual requirements. Simplify your ride hailing and sharing operations, by automatically sending out monthly bills to partners and suppliers or instant customer receipts when a booking is completed.

Credit cards
Automatic billing
Single & grouped invoices

Engineered for growth.

With seamless connections to the world’s leading digital marketing systems, M-TOOLS offers an end-to-end set-up ready to acquire, activate and engage customers and scale your ride hailing and sharing business.

Lead management
User analytics
Mobile notifications
Voucher campaigns
Referral systems
Your benefits

Ready for your next big thing.

Complete ride hailing software solution

Don’t get locked inside standard software. Our modular architecture allows your taxi service to evolve over time and adapt to new market conditions.

Work hands on with the M-TRIBES team

From the development of custom features to marketing support our experienced team of entrepreneurs, engineers and designers is here to boost your business.

Ready to launch ride hailing technology for all business from taxi to shuttle operators

Reduce your time to market by leveraging our experience and tried and tested ride hailing technology platform. Your service will be up and running in weeks.

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Partner with us to create the future of transportation – you're in good company.
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